Custom Order Mask Lanyard

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As children are heading back to school and activities, mask lanyards are the perfect way to keep your child’s mask close by and off the floor.

Mask lanyard for children 3+. Each lanyard has 2 clips to attach to the mask, as well as a breakaway clasp in the back for safety.


Kids Mask Lanyards (fits 3-12yrs)

- approximately 44.5cm from clip to clip

- 1-3 colour choices 

- 1-3 letter choices 

Adult Mask Lanyards (fits 12yrs +)

- approximately 60cm from clip to clip

- 1-5 colour choices

- 1-3 letter choices 

Colour and letter choices can be left in the note section at checkout. 

If ordering more than one, please label using numbers or dashes (example: - soft pink and white - butter, speckle, black - sky blue, lilac, HJB)