My Heart Expanded -- Watson's Birth Story

As Watson’s due date approached, I was not quite sure how this labour would go. Since I was induced with Hudson, I had only a handful of ‘natural’ contractions before I was induced, and was unsure what true labour felt like. As well, in the weeks prior to Watson’s arrival, I was bogged down with a plague of a cold (no voice, sore throat, sneezing a ton, and coughing fits that made me pee my pants constantly). I began to worry that if my water broke, I wouldn’t notice because I’d just think it’s pee from my coughing fits. What if I went into labour and I had no voice to talk to the nurses, doctors or my husband? What if I cough so hard the baby pops right out? Although the last one wasn’t overly plausible, I began thinking of the worst case scenarios. Thankfully by the time I went into labour, I was feeling much better. And no, I didn’t sneeze so hard the baby popped out like I thought could happen. LOL!


The night before I went into labour, I felt slightly crampy, but nothing major. I didn’t even mention it to my husband, as I thought labour would still be a few days away. That morning, we had our usual Saturday morning FaceTime with the in laws and they asked if they should come to Saskatoon. I told them there were no signs of labour anytime soon, so they should just stay at home until it was time. About 5 minutes after the call ended (it was about 9:30am), I felt a strange, painful feeling around my pelvis. I shrugged it off, but a few minutes later, the same feeling occurred. I decided to track the pains and soon realized I was in labour! I continued getting ready for the day, doing my hair and makeup, packing the final items in our hospital bag and getting an over night bag ready for Hudson. By 11:30am, my contractions were 3 to 5 minutes apart and lasting about a minute. We called my parents to come pick up Hudson and soon after headed off to the hospital!


We arrived at the hospital shortly after noon, and got into an assessment room right away. I had been having some troubles with my hemoglobin and iron levels this pregnancy, and ended up having an iron transfusion around 35 weeks pregnant. They checked my hemoglobin and iron levels at the hospital to have an up to date number and thankfully both had gone up significantly! Yay! Within an hour of being in assessment, they confirmed I was dilated enough and my contractions were consistent enough to send me to a labour room. Around 1pm, we were taken to the labour ward and got set up with the nursing staff who began to monitor my labour more closely.


This labour compared to labour with Hudson was very different. With Hudson, I basically curled up into the fetal position and wanted either Carson or the nurse to rub my back. I only experienced back labour with Hudson. I felt my contractions with Watson all around my pelvic area. I explained it to my husband it was like I was wearing a belt, as I felt the contractions in my stomach, hips, back, pelvis, a whole 360 of pain. As well, I couldn’t sit or lie down during my contractions with Watson. I had to be walking, swaying, bouncing or moving my lower body in some way to push through the pain.


By 1:30pm, my contractions were quite strong and I asked the nurse to contact the anesthesiologist for an epidural. I knew that the anesthesiologists were not always the fastest and I wanted to make sure by the time I was truly in pain, they would be there. Within 10-15 minutes, the anesthesiologist was in the room, and quickly got me hooked up. Although the epidural did help with the pain level I was experiencing, I do feel that it did not work as well as when I had an epidural with Hudson. Within about 45 minutes or so, my body felt a sudden urge to push. I never felt that feeling with Hudson, and in a slight panic turned to the nurse and said “uhh my body wants to push but I feel like its too early to push”. The doctor came in to see how dilated I was at this point and let me know in a few minutes it would be time to start pushing! It began to hit me, in no time, our little boy would be here!!


The on call doctor (my doctor was away for the weekend) was incredible! She let me take full control of the pushing and birth, something I did not get to experience with Hudson. With each contraction, I naturally let me body begin to push. I was in a lot of pain and now understand that the ‘ring of fire’ is far more painful than contractions. Now, throughout both labour’s with both babies, I was quite and not a screamer or yeller, but in a loud voice, through the tears, I shouted “I can’t do this”. All the control I was feeling prior was gone. In the moment, I felt so vulnerable and immense pain that felt like it would never end. I wanted to run away, but my amazing husband reminded me how strong I was and how close to meeting our baby we were.


A few more pushes, and our little Watson Joseph was born at 3:20pm, weighing 7lbs 14oz. The doctors instantly put him on my chest and I couldn’t stop crying at how beautiful he was, plus the adrenaline was still racing through my body. All through my pregnancy, I kept wondering how my heart could have enough room to love another person, but I was proved wrong. Somehow my heart expanded enough to let another little boy in and love him wholeheartedly. Our family felt complete in that moment, with our 2 boys to spend every waking hour at a hockey rink, cheer on at their piano recital, or whatever they choose to enjoy.


Watson Joseph

7lbs 14oz


Born at 3:20pm

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