A Blessing in Disguise -- Hudson's Birth Story

As we have been preparing for the arrival of our second baby, I have been reminiscing on my pregnancy and birth with our first. Some days, the memories seem to be faded, as it was over 3 years ago, and other pieces seem like they happened just yesterday.


To give some brief history, I was a few months shy of turning 20 years old when I found out I was pregnant. The pregnancy was not planned, and I was extremely nervous to be a young mom. I am very thankful that Carson was so supportive, as where both our families and friends. Being a young mom, I read as many books and online articles on pregnancy as I could to prepare myself for our little bundle! I restricted my caffeine intake, watched what I ate and tried to remain as active as I could by walking and continuing playing volleyball. When we found out we were expecting a boy, I was upset for a split second, as I had always pictured myself doing my little girls hair, buying hair bows and tutus, and painting the nursery pink. But within moments, I remembered how incredible it was to even be growing a tiny human, boy or girl, which is ironic when we got pregnant with our second and I was very hopeful to have another boy! If you haven't heard me say it before, I absolutely love being a boy mom and would’t trade it for anything!


As we began to approach Hudson’s due date, my naive young self was certain I would have him by his due date. Wrong! Which in the end was perfect as I drove to Regina, alone, in the snow and cold, to watch Carson play hockey the night of my due date. Don’t ask why no one stopped me or went with me, I was stubborn and determined to watch his hockey (and am still like this). Slowly, I started to think the baby was never going to show up as we passed a week overdue and no signs of labour.


After an appointment, 9 days past my due date, my doctor suggested induction. I’ll admit I was a tad upset that my body wasn't progressing naturally and that I would have to be induced. I had heard horror stories of induced births and wanted as few interventions as possible during labour and delivery. Yet, 24 hours after the appointment and mere hours before I was supposed to receive a call from the hospital to come in and be induced, I felt my first contraction! I was so excited that my body finally was doing what it was supposed to do! I started timing my contractions, but they were quite sporadic, coming every 5 minutes to 20 minutes to actually stopping for a few hours. I received a call from the hospital at 8am to come in for an induction at 1pm, and by this point I had had less than 10 contractions. So off we went to the hospital after lunch, still having very random contractions. After being examined by a very awkward student doctor, the assessments were completed and I was finally brought into a delivery room where I was given an IV of Pitocin to kick start my labour around 3pm in the afternoon. My labour nurse struggled putting in the IV and blew my first vein, which is very painful if you have never experienced that. I remember thinking to myself that if she blew a second vein, I was going to kick her out of the room (it is a funny moment looking back haha).


I’ll be honest, the contractions I felt prior to being induced were a breeze compared to the intense onset of contractions after the IV was placed. I struggled finding a semi-comfortable position to be in but finally laid in the fetal position while Carson rubbed my back. Back labour is no picnic. About 1.5-2 hours after the IV was in, my contractions were so intense and close together that I began having a hard time catching my breath between the contractions. I started hyperventilating and baby’s heart rate started to drop, nothing too low but enough that both Carson and my nurse highly suggested it was time to get an epidural. Once I had the epidural, my labour felt like it was completely different; I could relax, breath and actually enjoy the process. Soon enough, the doctor came in and said it was time to push! After about 15 minutes of pushing, our little Hudson John was born at exactly 7pm, weighing in at 7lbs 11oz and 21 inches long. He was absolutely perfect!


Funny story time! After Hudson was born and placed on my chest, it was time to deliver the placenta. My doctor was getting ready to catch it but it somehow ended up falling onto the floor and burst EVERYWHERE. I’ll be completely honest, it looked like a murder scene in the labour room! Good thing I didn't want to keep my placenta (do people actually do that??)!


If you have made it this far, you are a trooper! I did not mean to go into such lengthy detail, yet still feel like I could have talked on and on about Hudson’s birth. I’ll try to keep our next babies birth story shorter…but I cannot promise anything :P


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